Emotional Intelligence in Communication

Entropy empowers people in remote environments to communicate with empathy, tailoring their own authentic voice to the receiver.

It erases cultural and individual communication differences by extracting emotional signals in sent and received messages.

"Study after study has shown that teams are more creative and productive when they can achieve high levels of participation, cooperation, and collaboration among members."
Druskat and Wolff. (On Emotional Intelligence, Harvard Business Review)


Our consumer product is available free of charge. The anonymous version today is helping many people in the North Americas to get a second non-intrusive opinion on mission-critical emails.

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Entropy™ software seamlessly integrates behind the scenes with technology platforms and communication tools. Remote workers, consultants, and employees can improve their written communication through private, personalized, and actionable coaching.

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Work with us to learn how improvements in emotional intelligence can empower your overall remote communication. Building a new communication experience? Let us help you realize this dream.

"...I was doing BigData Consulting. Much of my work was done remotely. I was working out of Seattle with clients in California. I had subcontractors in France. The whole thing depended on us communicating over video conferencing and email. And every now and then, emails would pop up with someone ending up in complete misunderstanding. So I would book a flight to see the client. It was very reactionary. Zhenya heard the story, disappeared for a week, and came back with what we today call Entropy's EQ Check. My subcontractors and I have sent thousands of emails using the tool. In this new economy, we are only starting to realize the negative impact miscommunication is going to have on people. And Entropy is going to address every one of the issues before they emerge!"
Segah Meer, Co-Founder, first user

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