"Big Data and AI will transform every industry. If you are not doing everything in your power to stay ahead, you are falling behind."
Segah & Zhenya, Partners

Productionize Big Data

We've launched products before and have experience packaging our custom workflows across Data Science and Text Analytics into reliable and maintainable systems. Our Entropy Insights product lets users get unobtrusive real-time second opinion on their writing in emails and messages.

Natural Language Processing

We have developed battle-tested expertise in NLP and NLU. We can write algorithms to power APIs, on-premise solutions, and internal reporting software.

Text Analytics (EI)

Tired of analyzing cross-company averages and totals? Looking to improve performance of your support chat team, but are not getting enough marginal improvement when looking at tickets alone? We are pioneers in the field of text analytics. We can help you analyze not just the totals, but also the contents of text messages for common clues.

"If you can do something in-house, you should. No consulting firm will stay with you forever to maintain new implementations or workflows. But if you are considering hiring someone from outside, at least hire people who can build products."
Segah & Zhenya, Partners

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