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Proprietary Use of Entropy NLU-c

- General Sentiment
- Sentiment on a Topic
- Key Topics
- Key People
- Determining Archetypes

NLU of communication

- Behavioral Analytics (ONA, sentiment, archetypes)
- Semantic classification
- Topic extraction and text summarization
- Question answering
- Advanced Feature Extraction

Data Analytics

- Report, dashboard and KPI design and delivery.
- Data model and schema design and evolution.
- Implement and roll out single view of a customer, user, employee.
- Use data to solve specific problems.


Workshops and training sessions to upskill your team.

Solve specific business problems

Work with our team to use Big Data and NLP to answer specific business-related questions (Scoped projects).

Report and dashboard design and delivery

Design, build and roll out reporting solutions on top of your data.

Predictive model design and delivery

Have our team build predictive models on top of your data.

Data model design and delivery

Building data models is a key step in building a use case for a data culture. We can help you with that.

Extend the tech stack

Build support for event tracking in new platforms, including better enrichment and support for new storage targets.

Support Contract

Have direct access to our Team as questions arise, on an ongoing basis.
Support your tech teams with setup assitance and running of open source technologies.