We focus on high value-added data projects at rapidly growing technology companies.

Our engagement process is very thorough It involves a deep conversation with a technical member of our staff. Sales people are not and will never be involved. To make sure that’s the case, we have a working EQ (i.e. Empathy IQ) engine for all written conversations. Yes, we are very serious about this “no-sales” commitment.

Inspecting one company’s data is like having a doctor ask the patient to take off his pants. It’s very revealing! While it might be tempting to seek out a tool specialist when you need one, best results are achieved with a general practitioner. Collectively we are vendor/technology agnostic. We do have some vendor partnership for legacy reasons, but we are not afraid to make recommendations counter to these (and frequently do).


Google BigQuery is a partner technology. We have completed many BQ projects of different complexity (both in Legacy and StandardSQL).

Some links: link1, link2, link3, link4, link5

We also have a close relationship with Looker. This post from 2016 might be helpful.

R is our favorite tool. We like using R in almost all projects. We even pushed it into corporate thinking.

Data Warehousing

When strong data governance is in place, we can help make proactive recommendations using traditional approach and helping you put plans into place to maintain the architecture post-deployment.

At many companies the above no longer is feasible. We can help with long-term process and plan to monitor performance objectives against analytical needs.


This is becoming a growing field for us. Please contact for further details. Also, see the product below.

Entropy AI

Entropy gleans its insights from deep NLU (subtopic in NLP) analysis of written communication.


entropy:analyze('Hello, we are on a mission to change how consulting is done.')
## [1] "Result"        "driven"        "Passive voice" "Concise"      
## [5] "Informal"      "Thoughtful"    "Assertive"
entropy:analyze("Don't get us wrong, we love sales people. They are nice people. We like spending time with them. But we also belief that in consulting a direct connection with a technical member is key to a successful engagement.")
## [1] "Positive" "Formal"   "Verbose"
There is a lot of recent research that contributed to this product. For the purpose of simplicity, recall the Maximum likelihood models from graduate school. At its core this is a variation, in a simplified form called Max Entropy:
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